Police Officer Recruitment 2015

Police Officer - Probationer
Bedfordshire Police Force
Police Constable (£22,000 starting salary, plus benefits)
Full Time

You have successfully passed the two online Apollo Assessments. You will now be required to complete the online application form by clicking on the Apply button below.

Please refer to the attached role profile as this will assist you with in answering the compentency based questions on the application form.

The closing date for the completion of this application form will be Monday 30 March at 12 noon.

This role is extremely demanding and at times stressful; you will be exposed to a diverse range of incidents and situation which at times could be traumatic. You will need to deal with all your duties with maximum commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism.   As a Police Officer with Bedfordshire Police, there is a unique sense of belonging and teamwork, a sense of doing something that matters and a personal pride in fulfilling a role that is essential to society.   There are health and social implications of becoming a Police Officer. Shift working can be very demanding and it is important to remain fit and healthy in order to cope with the physical requirements of the role. Socially, some people find the stresses of the role affect their relationships and friendships, especially if family and friends are not supportive. Joining the Police Service is not an individual decision and it is important that partners and friends are considered.

  1. Online eligibility questionnaire (Apollo) - now complete
  2. Online competency based assessments - now complete
  3. Competency based application form
  4. Selection interview
  5. National SEARCH Assessment Centre

Any queries please contact the Recruitment Team recruitment@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk

We wish you success with your application.

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9 March 2015
30 March 2015

This opportunity is closed to applications.